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Impact of Online Social Tools

By October 31, 2019 No Comments
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We have previously discussed on how the HR industry is taking technology to the next level.

For the past few years, we have witnessed a major leap in how the HR industries had embraced social tools especially social media as alternative avenue to post the job opening as well as to attract job seekers.

This seems a very obvious alternative as smart phone penetration and usage increases on year on year basis. This is accompanied by a similar take up rates in social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Now let’s discuss on how online platform impact the human resources industry. Traditional platforms to attract candidates are falling behind because it lacks the targeted and real time advantage that social media platforms provide.

Therefore, we feel that companies should take advantage of social media and company websites in attracting candidates. The flip side of social media also means that finding the right candidate for your company is getting more and more difficult as candidates have more access to information to the market place in terms of job availability and salary trends.

We therefore urge companies to be nimble and adaptive when searching for the right candidates. Very often companies tends to over-state the requirement and thereby hampering the hiring process.

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