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How can HR Information System and Social Tools improve HR?

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The benefits of a HR Information System

An HR information system, HRIS, is a computer based system for the management of administration of HR processes.

The key objectives of a HRIS are the following:
1. Efficiency
2. Service delivery
3. Strategic orientation
4. Process empowerment
5. Standardization of processes

For many HR practitioners the top most popular application of HRIS are as follow:
1. Absence management
2. Recruitment management
3. Expenses
4. Payroll management
5. Training and development
6. Rewards
7. Diversity management
8. Appraisal and performance management
9. HR planning
10. Knowledge management

In our practise, we have found that HRIS provides the most benefits to personnel, payroll and absence management to companies. This is because these are the most common areas where companies need good and immediate information to help them make decisions.

A good system will also ensure companies are in compliance of legal and statutory regulations for payroll management. This is important in order to ensure employees’ interest are well taken care of.

In recruitment management, some companies uses applicant tracking system, ATS, to manage the recruitment process. This systems are very similar to customer relationship management systems, CRM, however the focus is on the recruitment process.

Increasingly we see many larger companies start to adapt appraisal and learning system to help to manage their performance and learning needs. Such a system can perform the appraisal and analyse an employee’s learning gaps versus the required knowledge and attributes of a particular job.

At Alchemy, we are a strong believer of making HR better through pursuit of progression and use of technology. Therefore, for our payroll outsource services we provide cloud based HR system for our customers at no additional cost. The system take care of three key areas; personnel, payroll and absence management. Employees of our customers can effectively use of cloud base system to manage pay slip and apply for annual leave on the go.

To the management, the system can effectively track personnel information as well as efficiently manage company payroll.

Please send us an enquiry today to understand how our system can improve your efficiency for your HR needs.

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