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We provide end-to-end payroll outsourcing and processing services in Singapore that are assisted by our professional HR practitioners.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore

Alchemy provides you solution to solve your business distractions in terms of your company time dragging and money eating payroll’s systems through Alchemy’s outsourcing payroll services in Singapore. By providing this solution to your company, this will ensure keeping you a peace of mind in your payroll compliance, employees’ hassle are solved when they are paid on time and correctly, allow you to fully focus on your company business and allow continuous business process with Alchemy on-demand payroll outsource service in Singapore. You can rely on Alchemy’s experts to provide cost-effective payroll outsourcing services, as well as ensuring accurate and timely delivery of payroll service in Singapore.

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How does Alchemy’s outsourced payroll service in Singapore work?


Send out your payroll variances, such as
  • Claim
  • Allowances
  • Incentives

Alchemy will help your company in Singapore by sending out your payroll variances on claims, allowances and incentives through outsourcing this service to us.


Alchemy analyses and processes

We will analyse and process the variances in accordance with statutory regulations. As you outsourced your payroll system and service to us, we will ensure your company is compliance to Singapore’s government regulatory.


Checking & approval

We check and finalize the payroll and send the report for your approval. Once outsourcing your payroll system to us in Alchemy in Singapore, our service includes getting affirmation from you only will proceed with the next step.


Process payroll and pay

Finally, we release the salary to employees and make payment to statutory bodies based on the reports generated and hence completing a cycle of an outsourced Singapore compliance payroll service with us.

Why You Should Outsource Payroll Service in Singapore

Millions of businesses including in Singapore outsource their payroll processing services. Why do they do it, and what benefits does it bring them? Learn about five reasons that are driving payroll outsourcing service in Singapore, and why it could make sense for your business. The benefits your company you can gain by outsourcing payroll service to us includes time saving, money saving, enhancement of security, compliance with Singapore government regulations if your company is based in Singapore and an expertise of professionals.
Time saved
Money saved
Enhanced security
Compliance with government regulations
The expertise of professionals

Alchemy Resources won award for “HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2019 & 2020”

In 2019, we won a Bronze Award for “Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner”.

In 2020, we won a Silver Award for “Best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner” and a Gold Award for “Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner”.

HR Vendors of the Year 2019
Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

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We provide end-to-end Singapore’s payroll processing outsourced services that are assisted by our professional HR practitioner.





By outsourcing to us, your payroll will always be secure and compliant with statutory regulation and the PDPA.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore