HR Consultancy Services in Singapore

Our panel of consultants are professional HR practitioners with hands-on experiences and they are passionate in helping companies to enhance their human capital capabilities.

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Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

Areas of

Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

Compensation and Benefits
No one likes to be overlooked, especially when it comes to payouts. Implement a competitive, equitable and fair reward system to help attract, retain and motivate your workforce.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

Performance Management
Keep track of your top performers. We help you review and develop your performance management framework, policies and appraisal tools for optimal alignment with your organisatiional goals and values.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

What We Do

We provide HR Consulting and Advisory Services across a wide range of HR areas on project or retainer basis focusing on:

  • Employee Handbook / Employment Contract
  • HR Policies & Procedures Compliance Review
  • Employment Standards Compliance Audit
  • Strategic Workforce Planning / Resource Management
  • Compensation & Benefits / Rewards & Recognition Management
  • Performance Management / Employee Coaching
  • Employee Engagement & Communication
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey / Organisational Climate Survey
  • Organisational Development / Change Management
  • Learning & Development Strategy and Implementation
  • Leadership Coaching / Leadership Development
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning / Career Coaching & Development
  • Industrial Relations Management/ Employee Grievance Handling
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Why should I use HR Consulting?

We are a highly knowledgeable and experienced Human Resources Team. With over 75 years of combined HR experience we have the depth and knowledge to help partner with your management team. We have created HR departments in many organizations that are true strategic business partners.

What is the benefit of outsourcing my Human Resources Function?

A lot of small to mid-sized organizations typically have someone who is grandfathered into an HR role. Generally this person has several other duties and wears “multiple hats”, in some cases HR duties can fall on owners and executives of these size firms. HR Consulting can be a cost effective resource to make sure you are staying in compliance, keeping constant communication with employees, management and executives and give you the ability to carry out common and practice HR processes and solutions. Most importantly it offers your organization consistency in these policies and procedures which reduces your legal liability, improves culture/moral and overall communication within your organization. We allow you the opportunity to free yourself and other employees from the administrative burden that HR can pose to those that are better suited what they were hired to do and focusing on their main tasks to help the organization the way they were intended to.

What areas of legal compliance should I be most concerned about today?

Candidly ALL areas – but the ones highlighted the most lately under the Obama Administration have to do with the Fair Labor Standards Act, Overtime pay categories, I9 compliance and illegal aliens. Family Medical Leave Act and WI Family Leave are also areas that are “hot spots” today.

What does the HR Consulting Audit cover and what is its value?

It is a full scope assessment of your payroll, benefits, and administrative policies and procedures. We focus first on legal compliance and then suggestions for best practices. As a result of the Audit you get a detailed summary, suggestions for compliance and significant resources from our HR library of materials.

What should be kept in an Employee File and who should have access to it?

Employee performance reviews, disciplinary and training records, their initial application and other documents that have been shared with them. Access should be confidential and kept on a “need to know” basis. Medical information should NOT be included in the Employee file.