Is your in-house payroll department eating away into your time and money?

Many of our SME clients regardless of both in Singapore, face the same business issues on their payroll systems hence we are here to provide outsourcing service solution. Business owners are constantly looking at ways to improve top line and margins, at the same time many face a lack of resources in certain departments like HR, accounts and attraction of human capitals. This distracts them from the important work of growing their business! Alchemy is here to take away part of these distractions in terms of payroll and HR solution by proving an outsource services to these companies in Singapore.

Our solution target at providing outsource service at key areas in payroll and absenteeism management so that business owners can focus on improving their operation and grow revenue, contributing to Singapore’s economy too! Our outsourcing solutions meet statutory requirement and does not require Singapore’s company owners to come up with upfront cash to buy expensive software to solve this payroll services.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

Our Outsource Payroll Service Expertise for Singapore companies

With Alchemy’s expertise in Payroll management knowledge, you can rely outsourcing to us based on our experts to provide accurate and cost-effective payroll services to companies in Singapore.

How Does Outsourcing Services Help Our Singapore’s Client Manage Payroll?

We will assign an account manager for your company. The said professional will work in close unison with you and your administrative staff to address your needs and help you understand the latest policies and practices of outsourced payroll service in Singapore.

Alchemy effectively creates values for our client operation by:

  • Peace of mind in keeping your company’s payroll compliance to government changes with the outsourced service we provide to Singapore’s companies
  • Hassle-free in ensuring your employees are paid on time and correctly by outsourcing your payroll service to Alchemy in Singapore
  • Let you focus on managing your business and your human capital while your payroll is outsourced to Alchemy, also a service we provide to Singapore’s market
  • Allow business process continuity with Alchemy on-demand payroll outsource service in Singapore
Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

Get in touch with Alchemy Resources for your Singapore payroll outsourcing service needs and queries.

We offer comprehensive Singapore outsource payroll services that are unique.

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Can I Outsource the Service of My Singapore Company’s Payroll Functions?

This is one of the most common queries that most business have. If they find it difficult to handle payroll processing in-house, the best solution is to outsource this service to an agency that has experience in it in Singapore. This is a very effective measure as you need not spend time on payroll functions since you can outsource this service to Alchemy in Singapore, but rather focus on your core business functions. This will prove to be highly beneficial in favor of your business in Singapore down the lane since the payroll distraction has been solved by outsourcing this service.

Should I Use Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a good solution for businesses to keep a track of their employees’ salary and taxes and ensure smooth transactions. Since the automated systems take care of most of the tasks, you don’t have to break a sweat doing everything manually. This simplifies the whole process and allows you to concentrate on other business aspects.

What Is the Need for Filing Form IR21?

When non-Singapore citizen employees cease employment with an organization in Singapore, plan to leave the country for over 3 months or opt for an overseas posting, it’s essential to get tax clearance for that employee. The employer has to file IR21 form and withhold all dues for the employee for the purpose of tax clearance. This is applicable for all work pass holders, which also includes PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) holders.

What Are the Forms Needed for Reporting Employee Income?

All employers have to declare the earnings of the employees by filing the needed tax forms given by the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) for the employees hired in Singapore before 1 March every year. These forms are IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B and Form IR8S.