Organizations have varying methods of investing and rewarding their employees. However, a common practice across the most organization is “Promotion”. Promotion is commonly described as an act of moving an individual to a position of higher rank, responsibility of increasing their salary. These advancements help employees to develop and grow in their careers while boosting their motivation and morale. This directly results in high productivity and helps a company to achieve organizational goals.

Below are some shared criteria that most organization takes into consideration for promotion:-

  • Experience in the job
  • High-performance level in review cycles
  • A skillset that matches the requirements of a new role
  • Personal motivation and willingness for change in responsibility

While these are factors considered when promoting an employee, do you know when and how to promote your employees?

In the following section, we would share on 1) what is appraisal 2) the importance and benefits of promotions, and 3) when they should be given (Belyh. A, 2020)

  1. What is Appraisal?

A performance appraisal is a method or practice that is carried out by an organization to which an employee’s performance would be evaluated and measured. An appraisal can be both positive and negative, which may result in salary increase, higher rank and responsibility or corrective actions to be taken on employees that haven’t been performing respectively. It is a periodic and systematic process that considers a wide range of factors such as various achievements, accomplishments, weaknesses as well as strengths of the employee so that overall results can be evaluated.

  1. Importance and Benefits of Promotion
  • Recognition and acknowledgment: An employee promotion displays recognition and acknowledgment by an organization for an employee’s hard work and makes them feel valued. This would result in an increase in performance of an employee to achieve goals at an individual and organizational level
  • Increased motivation and loyalty: Promotions directly increases motivation among employees to perform better and this leads to increased productivity. Besides that, promotion increases loyalty among employees as they would have a sense of belonging in the workplace through the displayed appreciation
  • Reduces employee resistance and discontent: If employees are expected to continually work hard without any appreciation shown, this may invite a sense of discontent and resistance among employees. This would directly affect the organization as there may be low motivation and a decrease in performance level
  1. When should we promote an employee?

Deciding on an employee’s promotion can be a challenging task as not all employees may be ready for an appraisal or promotion due to factors such as lack of length of service, KPI achievements and lack of skills and experience for the role. Factors that should be considered by organizations when considering promotion are:

  • Performance: The most important factor for evaluation is the performance of an employee over a given period of time
  • Length of service (seniority) The number of years that one has served in an organization equally determines the time of promotion
  • Educational/technical qualifications: The educational and technical qualifications is also a measure or decision-making tool as far as the promotion is concerned.
  • Assessment of potential– The amount of potential one has in him to perform in the future or at a new position should also be assessed before deciding about promotions.

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