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Do you think that employee engagement can drive your future?

Do you feel like your professional future is going to turn out well?

The qualities of employee engagement drive to success. An engaged employee is more concern about the work, motivated by leaders, feel empowered to do the work as they way and more confident that they can achieve success. When employee is engaged there will be more productive in work and generating better results for the company as well optimistic own future too.

3 Reasons Workers Feel Optimistic About the Future of Work

three key reasons workers feel more optimistic about their career prospects:

  • Recovery from the Covid-19 financial crisis
  • The availability of benefits to employees who are laid off
  • The emergence of a less clearly defined job market

HR, Clutch Report, May 31, 2018 by Michelle Delgado says

  • The survey shows that three quarters (76%) of workers feel optimistic about the next five years of their careers.
  • One in five (20%) workers feel worried about their future career prospects.
  • The workers most likely to be optimistic about the next five years of their careers are business owners (94%) and managers (80%), compared to a lower percentage of employees (70%).
  • Only 10% of workers identify politics, such as changing gender roles, as potentially having an impact on their future work opportunities.
  • More than a quarter (27%) of working women feel worried or neutral, compared to 20% of men.
  • Men are significantly more likely to hold leadership positions (53%) compared to women (32%).
  • Workers and hiring managers alike value soft skills such as problem-solving and adaptability more than digital or technical skills. More than a third (40%) of employees rank critical thinking skills most highly, compared to only 14% who prioritize digital or technical skills.

Steps to increase your optimism

  • First step is to stop using pessimistic and negative language from your work vernacular, and especially your emails. If can’t reframe negative languages it can creates a more optimistic mindset. Look through some of your own recent emails to find a few more negative or pessimistic words that you commonly use.
  • Then, practice to write an email without the negative or pessimistic language but clear with your points. it’s a critical skill to be able to communicate with a more optimistic framing.

Having more optimism won’t just improve your career satisfaction. Research has shown that optimism can help reduce a person’s stress and increase longevity which in turn often leads to lower levels of worry and anxiety. This can lead workers feel optimistic about the next five years of their careers.

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