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Tips to Select A Good Payroll Agency in Singapore

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Select Good Payroll Agency in Singapore

Are you looking for the best payroll outsourcing services in Singapore? There is a lot ahead of you. You want to make sure the payroll service you choose is the best for your company. They must be someone you can trust with confidential information.

But there are so many services on the market today that getting the right one may not be easy. But don’t worry, we have put everything in place to help get the perfect payroll agency in Singapore.

Do you need a payroll system?

Well, let start with the basics. Many companies may still be unaware of the benefits of a payroll system. Consider the following.

A payroll system can cost lower than employing a full-time record keeper. Hence, the system saves you money.

There is so much work in book-keeping and ensure a proper system flow. It would help if you also were up-to-date with continuous processing and insightful reports. You may also need a payroll manager to handle onboarding and upkeep for employees. All these take a lot of time, which an automated system can save. It offers the best human resources solution.

Humans are bound to making so many errors. A payroll can be complicated, leading to wrong data entry. You can use a certain automated service will process correct and precise information for natural processes.

If you want to access your employee payroll but don’t have an automated system, you must go to your desk. But a cloud-based system gives you access from anywhere.

Make a checklist for payroll services

Consider first what you have on your company’s payroll checklist for the software before searching for a provider. Consider the needs of your company. After completing the checklist, you can start the search through:

  • Friends’ recommendations
  • Reading online
  • Checking LinkedIn professionals
  • Come up with a list of providers as per your checklist

Know the needs of your company and where to get them

The most important thing to consider in a payroll provider is their services. Because you already have a list of your needs and wants, this should be easy. Here are some services to ask from:

  • Continuous payroll processing
  • Real-time calculators
  • A versatile pay rules engine
  • Paychecks & direct deposit
  • Adjustment management
  • Tax filing services
  • Alerts
  • New hire reports
  • Automated table updates
  • Analysis reports
  • PTO requests
  • Web-based systems

Ask the right questions

By now, you know what you are looking for and why. You also have a few candidates on your list. Now it is time to interview them until to get the best. It is vital to know the kind of questions to ask when choosing a payroll provider. Check out the following:

  • What other HR services do you include?
  • What about payroll tax inclusion?
  • Tell me about your pricing structure?
  • Which insights come with reports and dashboards?
  • Is your system customizable? And can I access it from any device?
  • What self-service options do you offer for employees?
  • How easy-to-use is the system?

If the answers you get are satisfactory, then you have yourself the right payroll provider in Singapore. It will help you start enjoying the benefits.

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