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5 Tips to Engage Outsourced Employees

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Outsourcing certain job functions to a third party have gained popularity in recent years. Businesses can save a lot on their budget by outsourcing. It also provides greater efficiency at a lesser cost. Where for larger organisations, it can be easier to manage and work with the outsourced party, for smaller organisations, it can be challenging to work closely and engage their outsourced employees. Outsourced team of employees need as much engagement as any regular employee to achieve better efficiency and quality performance.

To achieve a high rate of performance in outsourced employees, companies need to have a strategy to engage them better. Since these employees work from remote locations and managers rarely get to meet them, it becomes even more challenging to determine whether these employees are happy with their work or not and whether or not they are too burned out.

It is understandable how difficult it may seem to come up with the right strategy to keep your outsourced team engaged. So we are here to help out. Here are a few points that focus on the three main aspects of engagement: Participation, Appreciation and Communication.

Clear Perspective of the Organisation’s Objectives and Job Scope

It is essential to give the outsourced team a clear idea of the company’s objectives and their responsibilities from the very first day. It will help them to understand their job scope better. They will be able to align their own professional goals with the company when they have better clarity on the project and their responsibilities.

Every employee wants to be a part of something bigger and meaningful at work. Growth and purpose play an important motivation factor. For outsourced staff members, it is even more needed, as it makes them feel valued and provide them with opportunities to learn, grow and gain more experience.

Recognise & Appreciate

Needless to say that employee recognition and appreciation goes a long way in engaging staff members whether they work from the office or remotely. It is the best way to show them that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated by the company. Appreciation drives them to be more productive and perform even better.

You can opt for a platform ( that can help your organisation to acknowledge and appreciate employees. By choosing the right platform, you can easily keep track of the efforts of each employee and can reward them for their achievements.

Training and Professional Development Programmes

Hosting regular training sessions and development programmes for the remote employees will help the company in two ways:
Firstly, it will hone the skills of their outsourced team and help them in performing their work more efficiently, thus providing better results. Secondly, it will help in engaging the team and offer them an opportunity to grow professionally and learn new skills. It can pave the way for bonding with other team members and smoother project management.

There are many platforms ( ) which provide corporate training and can arrange these programmes easily on behalf of the organisation. Companies can register on behalf of their outsourced and in-office employees and organise these sessions.

Provide the Right Tools

Your offshore and outsourced team may require tools and software to perform their tasks. They may also require remote access to the company’s network and backend. Thus, it’s the organisation’s responsibility to provide them with proper infrastructure, information and software needed to perform their work efficiently.

Better infrastructure will help the outsourced team to complete projects on time without bottlenecks. A sound support system will create a better work environment for them and will also minimise their work-related stress.

Communication is the Key

Outsourced teams need an adequate communication standard. Regular and constant communication helps remote staff to understand their roles and work scope better. It will be easier for them to perform their tasks as these employees do not get to meet often. Constant communication through audio and video calls from time to time can help them in understanding the project and carrying on with their work smoothly.

Through proper communication channels, managers can collect as well as give their feedback to the outsourced team. Through regular contact, managers can also reach out and help employees in case of any work-related issues. This way, employees also feel like an essential part of the team and are not left out.

Engaging employees can be a difficult task, and for an outsourced staff, it can be even more challenging. However, with the right strategy and tools, an organisation can simplify this process. Outsourced employees, just like in-office staff, need open discussions, communication as well as encouragement and appreciation.

We hope that the points mentioned above help your company in creating a more engaged and interactive work experience for your outsourced team. Engaged employees always leads to success for an organisation, and an engaged group of remote and outsourced employees are valuable assets.

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